Anna, the most advanced AI-Powered App for a Healthy and Happy Menstrual Cycle

Anna is the one and only mobile companion you will need to stay in-tune with your body, improve your reproductive health, care for your wellbeing and adjust the rhythm of your lifestyle to your cycle.

Journey to Wellness & Self-Care

Anna is more than just an app. We have developed Anna with love and care for the wellness of millions of girls and women around the world. We strongly believe that self-care should be a priority for all women and we know that sometimes the ups and downs of our menstrual cycle makes it challenging to get in-tune with our bodies. Anna is here to help you learn how you can nurture your body and mind and care for yourself during your cycle.

Smart with the Power of AI

Anna is powered by AI and uses evidence-based health information for insight on how to improve your reproductive health and care for your wellbeing. Simply log-in your symptoms every day and with the various features Anna has, you will start to know more about yourself than ever before. Remember, the more you tell Anna about yourself, the smarter she gets! Anna gets her professional knowledge from our team of expert physicians that contribute to and review content for a reliable and trusted result.

  • Smart Period Tracker & Ovulation Calculator
  • Personalized AI Powered recommendations
  • Alexa Compatible
  • Collect goodies for prizes and rewards

Sharing & Caring

You can share information about your cycle, your mood and your activities with your partner, parent or friend. You can select how much you wish to share and not only will they be updated on your cycle but Anna will also tell them how they can care for you! Likewise, you will also be able to know how to care for your friends when they need some extra attention.

Anna can also help you easily share information about your cycle and symptoms with your physician. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to tell your physician details about your cycle anymore!

Anna + Captain Well Pain Relief Device

Connect your Captain Well Pain Relief Device to Anna to easily select and adjust your desired intensity, frequency and temperature for optimum comfort. You can also use Anna to shop for Captain Well products, manage your subscription and benefit from our exclusive offers.


$0 /mo

Save 30% with Annually​

  • Period Tracker​
  • Period Buddy: Limited​
  • Marketplace: Limited​
  • Health Assistance: Limited​
  • Exclusive Blogs​​
  • Recommendations​​


$4.99 /mo

Save 30% with Annually​

  • Including Free  +​
  • AI-Powered Health Insights​
  • Health Assistance: Full​
  • Period Buddy: Limited​
  • Marketplace: Full​
  • Telemedicine Platform​
  • Behavior-Adjusted Personalization​​
  • Courses​


$9.99 /mo

Save 30% with Annually​


$29 Sign up Fee​

  • Including Free  +​
  • New Wearable Version Every 2Y​
  • Monthly Adhesive Pads​
  • Pain Auto Detection Feature​
  • Over-the-air Upgrades​
  • Monthly Comics​​
  • 30% Marketplace Discount​
  • Free Happy Period Kit (Socks & Hoodie)​