Most Effective Menstrual Pain Relief Solution

This month your period cycle didn’t follow it’s natural routine. Instead of that regular time of the month, you have obnoxious symptoms of your period in a time you didn’t expect. 

The chief reason for this is that your body in a cycle 24 days has produced less prostaglandin.  This leads to a higher level of inflammation and pain.
With all these symptoms going on you are about to step into the kitchen and trying to figure out how to get rid of this excess of prostaglandin compounds. Those painful cramps are the source of irritation and you witness heavy bloodstains on the pad while going through a lot of pain.
What is the first resolution that comes to head? Perhaps in the first step, you’d take the flaming pain in your body off by going to the medicine cabinet and swallow a couple of ibuprofen. or check out what’s new so that you faster get back to your normal life and relieve yourself from the pain. Many other anti-inflammatory medications revolve in your mind and you wonder which one would work better this time around. 

The three initial days os menstruation can be the shakiest time of the month for you. Especially if you have something crucial on your life agenda.  

The common medication you’d use for different types of menstruation pain 

  • Referred pain: This is one of the types of pain that should be taken seriously in regard to the functionality of the nerve system. Referred pain can happen under both severe and dramatic circumstances. Depending on the situation it can spread through the body and partially paralyzed ceratin divisions. If it is not treated accordingly this kind of pain can become chronic in certain parts. How this kind of pain prior to the menstruation arrises? Specific nerve fibers transport the pain to the receptors. The receptors in your body are muscle, skin, and joint. They even convey the pain information to the noxious stimuli. This is why during the period you often feel nuances. This is very undesirable!  Additionally due to the neural mechanism brain may be confused about where to correctly locate the noxious stimulus. So referred pain is felt unexpected body sections.  
  • Primary Dysmenorrhea: This one comes right after the previous one and it is a lot more extended.  Primary dysmenorrhea is the most common menstrual complaint and this is the pain you often try to self-treat. Like other painful phases of the period, the first-hand option is to take oral contraceptives. This kind of pain occurs in the absence of abnormal pelvic pathology. And it has the highest rate among teenagers which is 60 to 90 percent. and more than 50% of women have severe cases of it in their lifetime. If you are in this phase of your period it means that you’d go through a heavy and prolonged menstrual flow. In this case, chances are high that you’s miss work or school. Or without hesitant, you’d go to the with a self-treatment to start your day. Unfortunately, that sooting feeling will be temporary since secondary dysmenorrhea is on the way of your monthly cycle. 
  • Secondary Dysmenorrhea: Once it reaches this stage those crampy pains will get intensified in the midline of your lower part of your stomach. This is not all and secondary dysmenorrhea to the reaction of nerve extend its symptoms in the form of diarrhea, dizziness, headache, and backache and feeling super exhausted.  Who wants these reproducible symptoms while going through day by day life!  
  • Pelvic pain: This pain targets the lower abdominal solely and it is one of the worst types you’d have to go through each month. The pain is sharp and steady and you’d have occasional stapping feeling in the lower section. This is a serious pain that should be taken care of with preventive methods and if you go through this phase you’d have a harder time come to the normal condition. Simply you will add up to your pill intake to calm yourself as soon as possible. 
  • Endometriosis: the source of pain is in the tissue which lines your uterus and womb. On this occasion, these organs get inflated and you’d feel pain. You are more prone to this kind of pain if you have either a short menstruation cycle or a long period which often is more than 7 days. Compilation in the production of estrogen and a faulty menstrual period flow can go hand in hand and cause extra sharp pain in this specific part. The super sharp pain of this might force you to even consider using an Intrauterine device. This is set inside the body and along with the medication which is a very scary solution! This requires maintenance over time and clearly not a long term solution at all!  

Other pain killers you may use for all these kind of pains are Advil and naproxen. Depending on your health background every chemical intake can change the circumstances! if, for instance, you have kidney-related issues. Intake of these series of medicines can deteriorate your current condition.  

What happens to the central nervous system during the menstruation pain? 

During the period your body acts as a cutting-edge incubator and the brain and the central nervous system do their best to adjust themselves with this ongoing body agenda. Consequently, sympathetic activities increases as a result of hormonal fluctuations and neurotransmitter send various signals. Each one of these sent signals leads to many changes in recurrent physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms. Not happy news! 

On top of that, This temporary malfunction causes also nervous irritability and you have emotional instability during your monthly period. 

It is highly probable that you turn your face toward the chemical resolutions when the aching takes off!  

The plain truth is that each sedative and analgesic targets different nervous systems. Before using all these celebrity painkillers in the long run and regular basis, think twice! It can be very beneficial to understand and weigh the health risks. As they have many side effects. 

Pain killers can directly affect your heart, stomach, and kidneys. In the long term, consistent low dosage of them even has many side effects. As an example, your stomach is more prone to develop an issue and you will have upsetting stomach more often.  

On the other hand, blood-filtering organs will have a less sensitive strainer. This means that over time your blood flow will slightly be more condensed and less circulative. 

How to relax the muscles while on period: First-hand options 

Muscle spasms and muscle cramps are quite frequent while you are going through your menstruation phase. Your muscles involuntary contract and that is another source of pain. 

While you are on your period you may also try to turn your face toward the medication to relax your muscles.  

You may resolve the issue of muscle stiffness, tightness, and rigidity in the first case scenario by intake of sedative medication. 

Easy in hand choices are mefenamic acid, The other choice in front of you is taking Advil. Some would try to consume Voltaren voluntarily! You might even add up baclofen to the pile of pills you want to take.

However, the side effect of this medication that targets muscle spasticity is that they lower the blood pressure. While you are on your period you don’t want to have a lower level of blood pressure running through your vessels. This will lead to dizziness, drowsiness, and additional headaches. 

The major downside of medications for blocking the pain

Inadequate pain relief may result in further complications in the body. You should know that all those painkillers mentioned above just temporary interrupt the nerve response to the painful regions. Moreover, if an aggressive transmitter keeps on insisting to send pain massages then the extent of pain goes beyond the confines of induced analgesia. This conflict will cause additional symptoms. You always have the risk of further complications and no one can afford long term health harms.  

The risk of painkillers 

Although this might not be the definite cause. There is always a slight possibility that you’ll more prone to serious illness such as even heart attack or heart problems. 

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications mentioned above, know by the names of ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, and celecoxib. Treating your menstruation, in this case, could be a temporary solution yet you’d increase the risk of other diseases. 

The risk of taking this kind of painkillers surely outweighs the benefits. And the serious side effects of these pills can never be neglected. 

Additionally, the timing, length, and consistency of painkiller consumption is a determining factor in your overall health. There is a potential risk in the regular intake of ibuprofen and naproxen will rise to 75%. This even goes higher for the regular intake of rofecoxib as it increases the health risk to 100%. The conducted research was done by the British heart foundation.  Based on the following research even a few days of regular painkiller will show its downsides. 

If you’ve developed a bleeding disorder, for instance, Asprin will worsen the situation. And the blood extract doesn’t clot the way it should. In addition to that this medication will bring slightly more painful to the stomach. The reason for that is because it only dissolves in the stomach and not prior to that. The undesirable effect of ibuprofen is a direct impact on the liver.   

All these require medical supervision and you don’t want to be under high magnifying observation procedure of a doctor every single month. 

Intelligent heat and pulse therapy 

The ultimate solution which comes without any side effect is Anna. In this smart device that can be connected to a mobile phone and all the pulses will be controlled based on your adjustments and more importantly your type of pain. Wired and wireless pads ae used to normalized the fluctuations of the central nervous system. 

it sends pulses combined with the heat to the targeted area and seamlessly controls your internal and external source of discomfort. Anna through the spinal cord interferes with the central nervous system and controls the nerve stimuli and consequently the responses of various receptors in the body. All these lead to reversing the brain’s focus on the pain and bringing normality to the other functions of the body. Once this stage actualizes endorphins will be extracted from the glands in your body to handle the menstruation pain. So Anna’s solution is totally safe and organic.   

Based on your medical record and genetics, you’d go through a type of pain. And that pain will be focused on a couple of parts of your body. The seamless design of Anna lets you use pulse generating pads for those particular sections, whether it’s back or lower core. You can attach Anna adhesive pads following your needs since they are gossamer and you can use them in most of the day to day activities. 

This smart system weighs 0.1 pounds and it is not only for one-time use in a month. You can effectively take advantage of its unique design and relieve your fatigued muscles with it. Use the pads on the exhausted and inflamed muscles of your body and treat the inflammation and spasms in the safest and best possible way. Anna will be your all-time companion and you’d no longer miss out on any opportunities that life will open to you every day. 

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