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What's Keeping You From Being Well All the Time?

Days Every Month

Menstruation for many women painfully lasts for 5-7 days every month.

Days in a Lifetime

 That’s 2400 days on an average considering the onset of menopause to be 51 years of age.

Different Kind of Pains

The menstrual cycle can cause 9 different types of pain at the same time. 



combination of the most powerful physiotherapy techniques

for reducing menstrual pain.

Pain Management Kit helps to reduce the pain, instantly after you start using it.

This smart device blocks menstrual pain without any short-term or long-term side effect.

Pain Management Kit provides a personalized menstrual pain treatment via smart app.

PMK creates a long-lasting considerable effect against period pain and cramps.

Light and modern design of PMK make you able to carry it everywhere with yourself.

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